How to Keep Ahead of Your Body’s Biological Programing to Adapt to Exercise


A lot of people start off the new year with the intent of working out, and learning how to train so that they can enjoy the body of their dreams, instead of the one that stares at them in the mirror every morning. While it is noble to attempt to change your lifestyle so that; it incorporates a fitness routine, the best exercises are not necessarily the ones you’ve done your whole life. It might be time for a change.

Woman lifting weights

Part of the reason you need to vary your workout is because a fitness plan is different than just wasting time with activities. Wouldn’t you rather get lean and fit in twenty to thirty minutes a day rather than spend countless hours trying to achieve a ‘slow-burn’ on a piece of cardio equipment like a treadmill or recumbent bike? These are great if you are just starting out a program and need to ease your way into a fitness or training routine again, but they aren’t optimal.

Your body is very resilient. It has developed what is called the adaptive response to exercise, which means that no matter how hard you push it, it will adapt. While this is great from an evolutionary perspective, it isn’t so great if you are doing the same workout day in and day out. In order to see results faster, you need to methodically and scientifically vary your activities to incorporate the best exercising program for you, and in this way you can build lean muscle, boost immunity, balance the hormonal system, detox the body and yes, get the results you crave after the binge eating mayhem that happens over the holiday season.

Woman running in the park

Start with compound sets and don’t be afraid of weight training. If you always go for a walk, try roller skating, or ice skating. If you love being outdoors, stop every few yards on a walk and try some sit ups and push ups, and use your own body weight to make sure you are building bone density along with lean muscle. Take a yoga class, or learn how to dance. Ballet, pilates and samba are usually available at gyms or recreation centers. Go hiking if you live in a mountainous area, or learn to surf if you live by an ocean. Play with your kids on the jungle gym, and try a few chin-ups, or hang upside down. Play tug of war at your family reunion, or stage activites that are active instead of just sitting around eating fattening foods.  The more you can change your workout the better it will be for your body, and as an added plus, you won’t get bored as easily.  You will be more likely to stick to it, and always find something novel or new to try to keep your fit and fabulous lifestyle going.