Diet and Weight Loss

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Diet and Weight Loss for Your Healthy Body



Many people struggle with their physical wellness; they try different diets and yet they see no results. How can an industry that is so well researched still have such difficulty in giving the results that people are looking for? The answer lies in understanding how your body treats the food that you eat and the exercise that you do. If you get those two things right, you will be on your way to successful weight loss.


Your metabolism

This is the way that your body treats the food that you eat. Immediately after a meal, your body starts to break down the food using special enzymes that are produced by the lining of your stomach. Eventually, it reaches the large intestines where the process of absorption of calories begins. The food is absorbed as energy that is transported to your cells.

If the energy gets there and then realizes that your body has no use for it, it is stored partly as sugar and partly as fat. The first target for this storage is your belly; that is why you will notice that the first place that gets fat is your belly. It starts to eventually distribute to your buttocks, thighs and other body parts.


Some people have a very low absorption rate of the food that they eat; it comes out more or less as it went in. You have seen people who eat loads of food, do very little exercise and never put on a pound. It is because when digested food gets to the large intestines, very little of it is taken by the body – it only takes what it can burn easily.

Most people who are overweight have the opposite problem; they absorb almost every calorie of anything that they eat. This means that they must find a way to deal with the extra calories; they must burn them somehow or they will just grow fat.


So what dietary plan is best to slim down?

No single nutritional therapy is approved across the globe for everybody; the only way all people can lose weight is if they starve themselves and this is not recommended at all. The best way is to look at what you eat. How many calories do you consume and how many of those that you consume do you use up? There are calorie counters that can help you make that calculation quite easily. They tell you how many calories are in different foods and how much you should aim at burning for different levels of calorie intake.


Are there diets that are bad for weight loss?

Yes; anything that asks you to starve yourself is putting your health in danger. In addition to that, you can never lose weight through starvation. You have heard people say that they abstained from food for a while, and then they started eating, could not stop and they gained all the weight back, sometimes even more than they started with.


What happens when you starve your body is that it immediately kicks into defense mode; it doesn’t know when it will be fed again so it wants to eat more just in case it needs back up. You eat and eat – what is called binging – simply because you cannot help it.

A healthy diet makes sure that you are getting enough to eat; its main aim is to reduce your calories so that you have less fat being stored as you eat. It should also be a gradual one – losing 50 pounds in a month could easily lead to health problems.


Fat burning and weight loss tips

The first thing that you should do is detoxify your body. A lot of times, our bodies absorb more than they need because the normal way of absorption is hindered by toxins. Your cells could also have toxins that interfere with the way that food is broken down. A detox cleanses out all the toxins in your system and restores normal cell function.


Your Healthy Body Suggestions:

  • Avoid soda. Research shows that 70% of America’s obesity is as a result of soda intake. It is literally an addiction for many people. If you are trying to keep in good condition, this is the first thing that you should drop from your diet. Instead, juice some organic fruit for when you are thirsty. If you find it tedious, juice plenty at once and refrigerate.
  •  Strength training is important if you want to lose weight. Although many times only cardio is recommended (and there is nothing wrong with it), it works better when combined with strength training. You burn more fat because your body requires more energy. You also sculpt your body gradually as you slenderize and the overall end result is more appealing.
  • Look at what you eat and start to replace unhealthy items with healthy ones. Don’t change everything at once – it hardly works because you will get cravings and binge. Keep your favorites and consume them in smaller amounts as a reward for sticking to the program. The best dietary programs are comprised of healthy proteins (lean meat, fish, chicken), a little starch, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Health fat is also an important part of any good diet – it supports a lot of cell function.


Lots of people lose motivation halfway through a wellness program – if you have problems with motivation, ask someone to join you on your weight loss and diet program as an accountability partner.