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Beauty is one of the most controversial and prevailing subjects in all humanity especially for scientists and other enthusiasts. Is it universal or does it lie in the eyes of the beholder? Can it be defined by specific parameters? Does it have to be natural? Does it vary from one race to another or from culture to culture? There is a plethora of questions regarding this subject that could fill up an entire book. The truth is that it can never be defined by anyone not even the greatest philosopher Solomon could define it; even after having 300 wives and 700 concubines. Even great Greek thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle couldn’t stipulate the measure of beauty. The general agreement, however, is that it is that quality in an individual, item or material that attracts the viewer and keeps them interested. Beauteous features in human beings is usually a more important subject because it touches on very sensitive matters, objects on the other hand can be tolerated whether attractive or not.

Scientists have done dozens of experiments to try and answer the big question ‘What is beauty?’ and while there are no conclusive results yet, it has been found that this is more than the physical appearance of an individual; it also includes good character and excellent personality. It is common knowledge that men cannot overlook the matter of physical attractiveness but as scientists have found out, the same men are repelled by gorgeous women with unpleasant character traits like rudeness and overconfidence or generally bad attitudes. Women on the hand do lay emphasis of some level of physical attractiveness but what they really consider beautiful is men’s masculinity and their ability to emotionally support their women or family as well as their financial status.

Beautiful woman lying on the bed on her wedding dayIt has also been established that there are universal looks that every culture and race accepts as appealing. For women large eyes, full lips and a small jaw will do for the face and a waist-hip ratio of 0.7 qualifies any woman as beautiful. For men a masculine face and large masculine body are generally attractive. It has also been established that symmetrical faces are more attractive than asymmetrical ones. There are also controversies on what is more appealing between average or outstanding features with scientists split to either side. According to scientists all these factors point to genetics and fertility with the more attractive people being considered more likely to produce not only numerous but also good looking children.

There is an endless discussion with some scientists even suggesting that women’s looks be measured in milliHelens (recall Helen of Troy from Greek mythology whose face launched 1000 ships) but it is absolutely more than an lovely face. True beauty is built from the inside and takes over the outside as it radiates to the rest of the world. People looking for ways to become more attractive must therefore work on their character, self-esteem, self-perception and personality before engaging in making their outside better.

Asian girl eating saladWith the inside sorted out, a physically attractive outside can then be achieved but how? It all lies in the kind of lifestyle one lives. Many people try to run away from the fact that they have to eat healthier foods and exercise regularly in order to achieve the much desired shapes expected from them because they think they have to be as thin as the female supermodels seen on the cover of magazines and on adverts or as built and with six-packs as depicted by male models. It is only necessary to maintain a healthy weight and keep up a good shape and this is easily achievable through having a proper exercise schedule whether at the gym or at home and eating a balanced diet that is of the right quantity for each individual.

Hair and skin maintenance is also necessary in order for one to become as fine-looking as they desire. Healthy hair that is well nourished and properly styled can change ones appearance in amazing ways; it is actually a common saying in the African continent that no woman can be considered beautiful without thick, black kinky but shiny hair. White people actually gauge beauty in terms of black, red or blonde hair. Using proper hair products and washing hair regularly is a starting point in achieving this.

FruitScientists also have it that many people consider soft, smooth skin without many scars or blemishes to be a mark of good looks. This is one of the realities that can never be overlooked; apparently the famous hip-hop and R n B musician Alicia Keys wasn’t beautiful until she found a way of getting rid of her teenage acne problems. People who want to look good must therefore maintain their skin supple and smooth through eating lots of fruits and vegetables as well as using healthy skin products.

So, whenever the big question pops up one must always remember that true beauty is maintaining the body and keeping a pleasant personality.